Crystal Grid Plate, Tree of Life, Kabbalah


  • Made with Maple Wood
  • Wood is 3/16 of an inch thick
  • Plates are made in 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch sizes
  • Water Based Clear Coat Finish
  • Great for any Crystal Grid intention


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Found in the Flower of Life symbol, the Tree of Life is formed from 10 circles called Sephiroth (singular: Sephirah) and connecting paths. Each Sephirah represents emanations from God and is an archetypal idea. They are spheres of light that hold certain energies that stream down from Source. They are named and numbered as such: 1)Crown 2)Wisdom 3)Understanding 4)Mercy 5)Power 6)Beauty 7)Victory 8)Majesty 9)Foundation 10)The Kingdom. To truly understand the Kabbalah can take years of study.

Due to the uniqueness of wood grains, you will receive a representation of what is shown.


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