Back in 2012, we were on a quest to find the perfect incense holder that would not only hold the incense stick, but catch all the ashes. We were in Sedona Arizona and thought for sure we would find one. Although we didn’t find what we were looking for, we did find one that could be modified to fit our needs. Then while at dinner, Doug had an “Aha” moment. Because he had all the tools to modify our purchased one, he realized he had the tools to make his own! After multiple trials, his first incense holder with a deep wide channel was created. Then one day, Doug was at the wood shop purchasing tools and he saw some exotic woods that were on sale. One of the exotic woods was called Tiger Caspi. He thought it would be cool to make an incense holder using this wood. It was beautiful! Everyone that saw it wanted one for themselves. Smart Ash Holders was born!

We started vending at local psychic fairs and holistic expos selling our wares. We had our incense holders and incense. People started asking for herbs, so we expanded into smudging herbs. During these fairs people were giving us ideas about engraving on the holders. It took us a couple years, but we decided to invest in a laser engraver.

Once it was purchased, ideas were pouring in. Marina had just finished her Reiki Master class when the idea of making Crystal Grids came to life. We were soon engraving Sacred Geometry on many other materials. It was then we realized how much we could do to help others that were on a similar path. We love being part of a community where growth, awareness, consciousness, and love are cultivated.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them. All the products listed, whether made by us or not, are sent to you with gratitude and love. We hope they enrich your lives as much as they have enriched ours. Aho! Brothers and sisters!!