what are crystal grids?

Before we dive into crystal grids, I wanted to give a bit of back ground information. Bear with me… you will see how it all connects.

Science has confirmed, all matter is composed of atoms. Atoms are composed of even smaller energy particles and packs of energy. When all the particles have been removed, the packs of energy fill the space and void. This energy is not bound by time or space and creates an energy field. Because you, me, air, and all matter consists of atoms, this energy field flows in, around, and through EVERYTHING. We are entangled, through this energy field, with all of creation. Energy moves and creates frequency and vibration. EVERYTHING has a frequency and vibration. That’s where crystals come in. Crystals have their own vibration according to their structure and composition. These energies resonate with the energies of our bodies and with the environment. 

People have been wearing and using crystals and gemstones since ancient times. They are not only beautiful but they can assist with strengthening our inner energies. They can amplify an aspect of who you are. Crystals are a way to amplify your internal energies of Love, Balance, Confidence, Determination, and more. Crystals also work on your environment making an area vibrate in those same energies. Crystal grids are an excellent way to bring energies to your space.

Crystal Grids are made by placing stones in a geometric pattern to enhance their energies. Consider crystal grids as a way to focus energies for a specific purpose. These grids can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Stones of different varieties and sizes can be used. One suggestion I like to make, is to pick one intention (or focus) for your grid. Then gather stones with similar energies to place in your grid for that intention. For example, create a Love grid using stones such as Rose Quartz, Garnets, Kunzite, or any other gem with the energy of Love. Another fun aspect of crystal grids is the fact you can add non crystal elements to your grid. For example, in my Love grid I might add some Daisies. The Daisy was our wedding flower and they remind me of Love! You can use trinkets, jewelry, pictures, herbs, flowers… the list is endless. Your imagination is the limit! A clear intention and focus will make your crystal grid powerful and effective. Crystals used in a grid should be cleansed and programmed before placed in a grid.

Cleansing your crystals

When you purchase new stones it’s important you cleanse them. Cleansing is meant to help your stone release any stored energies left from other people and from the environment in order to improve their effectiveness in your grid. Cleanse them whenever you feel they are bogged down with energies, if others have touched them, or when you feel they need a boost. There are several ways to cleanse your crystals. Try several methods to find the best one for you and your stones. 
Smudging: Using smoke from herbs such as Sage, Sweetgrass, Cedar, and Palo Santo is a great way to cleanse your crystals.  You can hold the stones over the smoke or fan the smoke over your crystals to cleanse them.
Singing Bowls: Protect your stones by placing them in a small bag, place the bag in the bottom of a singing bowl and play. The wonderful vibrations of the bowl will break up and dissolve any stagnate and negative energies. For large clusters or stones play the bowl close to the stones. It will uplift your stones and leave a great vibration in your space as well!
Salt: Salt is a great cleanser. Many people like to place their stones in a sea salt water bath and leave them to soak overnight. You can also bury your stones in dry sea salt. The stones will then need to be rinsed with cool water to remove all the salt. The salt water or dry salt must be discarded and never reused as it has absorbed all the negative energies.  PLEASE BEWARE, some stones will be damaged with water and/or salt. Before you soak or rinse your stones make sure they will not be damaged!
Moonlight and Sunlight: The best time to place your crystal in the moonlight is during the strong energy of the full moon. The full moon energy lasts for 3 days so its okay if you miss the actual night of the full moon. Your stones can catch all that good energy on the night before or the night after. Watch the weather just in case it rains, remember not all stones can get wet. You can also place your stones in the sunlight. Stones that are red, orange or yellow cleanse well in the sun. However there are some stones that will fade when in the sun for prolonged periods of time.

Programing your crystals

​Programming your stones is to instill a clear focus of energy, thought and/or feeling into your crystals energy pattern so that it can assist you in a specific purpose. You should have a well thought out intention for your crystals to assist you. Remember that these crystals already have programs given to them by Source and Gia (Mother Earth).  Some stones are helpful for protection, enhancing intuition, promote love, assist with mental clarity and so on.  Make sure you pick your stones according to their natural attributes. Remember that all intention should be of positive energy and for the highest good for all involved. It can not interfere with the free will of another. Just like with cleansing your stones, there are many ways to program them. Try several ways and find the one that feels right to you and your stones.
One of the easiest ways to program a stone(s) is to write your clear intention on a piece of paper and placing your crystal(s) on top of it to absorb the energy. Let it sit for several hours.
Hold your crystal in your dominant hand. Thank the crystal for contributing their energy to your goal. Hold the crystal up to your heart and repeat your clear intention, several times, into the crystal through your heart. You may also use visualizations of your intention and send images into your crystal by placing it on your third eye chakra.
Another method is to hold your crystal in your hands. Slowly, thru your nose, breath in your intention, bringing it to your heart chakra. Then slowly breath out your intention from your mouth directly onto the crystal. Repeat this process till you feel your crystal is programmed. 

Activating your crystal grid

Once you have cleansed and programmed your stones, now you get to make your grid! There are many ways to place your stones.  Many people like to place their grids on mandalas and pictures of  Sacred Geometry to add another energetic and artistic element to their grids. Your crystal grids can have as many stones and as many different types of stones as you like in order to achieve your intention.
The simplest crystal grid pattern consists of one master stone in the middle with three supportive stones in a triangular shape around it and one stone as the wand.  Once arranged, take the stone designated as your wand and spend a few minutes asking your Source, God, Angels, Guides, Higher Self, etc. to assist in activating your grid. I feel activating a grid is an important and sometimes missed part of making a crystal grid. I feel it increases the strength of the grid allowing the energies to flow farther out into your space. Follow the arrow and number pattern in the diagram. This movement connects all the supportive stones to the Master stone, and it activates the energies to begin moving inward and outward into your space. Repeat the pattern 3 times or more if you feel it needs it. Set your wand next to the grid and enjoy the energy being released! 
Remember to cleanse, program, and reactivate your stones and grid occasionally. 

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