What is Sacred Geometry?

There is so much information on Sacred Geometry. There are books and books written on the subject. Not to mention the videos. I am going to try to condense it down to several paragraphs. And please don’t ask me about the physics and mathematical aspect of Sacred Geometry. Although I am learning about it more and more, that aspect of it is WAY over my head!

There are universal patterns seen in nature everywhere.  EVERYTHING is made from these patterns from the microcosm to the macrocosm. Ancient peoples used these patterns in architecture to construct temples, mosques, megaliths, monuments, and churches. These patterns are based on geometry, mathematic ratios, harmonics and proportions.  Many ancient cultures and religions used these geometric symbols which were perceived sacred and were used only by the elite scholars of their times.  

Today it is believed these symbols are not only physical in nature but are also energetic blueprints for all of creation.  Quantum science has now proven all existence is made of energy.  Dr. Robert Gilbert at www.vesica.org states, “One key to understanding this hidden energy of Sacred Geometry is:  Shape is really a pattern of energy movement frozen in space. A pattern which nature gives a specific power. “  The symbols then are the energy patterns frozen in time and represented in a 2 dimensional way.

These energy patterns are well known to our body and every cell in it because every cell is composed of elements and these elements in our bodies are composed of these energetic patterns. So your body will resonate with these patterns.  The energies of these symbols can assist our bodies to harmonize and be balanced. The energy of the patterns can also enhance your crystal grids and give them a boost. Water containers with positive symbols and sayings can also be beneficial.  People wear jewelry with the symbols to energize themselves. People use these symbols during meditations. The use of these symbols goes on and on. Pick a symbol that resonates with you and use it in whatever method you prefer. They will surely enhance your life! 

We engrave these beautiful energetic symbols on pretty much everything we can get our hands on!  We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them.  Blessings to you all!