Lavender Flowers 1oz


  • Burned to release a light calming energy
  • Great herb to combine with other herbs in smudging ceremonies
  • Our Lavender is organic and is edible
  • Use Lavender buds in teas
  • Use Lavender buds in small organza bags and place in pillows to promote restful sleep
  • Sold in 1 oz packages


For more information on smudging CLICK HERE


Lavender is sometimes called the ‘Breath of the Spirit World.’  It has a wonderful sweet calming smell. It makes a wonderful potpourri for your home and closets. Lavender buds can be burned on charcoal tablets, in an appropriate smudging container, to release their calming energy. It is said when burning lavender, it can help address issues like insomnia, depression, grief, sorrow and anxiety. Lavender has many different culinary, medicinal & spiritual qualities.

Warning:  When using Lavender flowers for smudging, it is a Fire ceremony and the potential for fire damage and burns is real. Children should not perform this ceremony.  The smoke from the herbs can set off your fire alarm system. Never leave a burning smudge stick or loose herbs unattended.



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