Yerba Santa – Holy Herb 1oz.


  • Used in smudging ceremonies
  • Burned to maintain healthy boundaries
  • Burned to assist with honoring your truths
  • Use when you need encouragement and courage
  • Was named Holy Herb because of its many medicinal purposes
  • Can be made into a tea for nasal and sinus congestion
  • Has an uplifting sent
  • Sold in 1 oz increments


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Traditionally used as a smudge or incense for protection and setting boundaries. Yerba Santa has also been used for love, purification, growth, empowerment and beauty, and the release of emotional pain stored in the heart chakra. Yerba Santa has an uplifting scent.

It was named Holy Herb by the Spaniards because of its many medicinal uses. The Native Americans would chew fresh leaves to relieve oral dryness. The fresh leaves were also crushed into a paste and used for wound healing. Yerba Santa can be made as a tea and is beneficial for nasal and sinus congestion. Yerba Santa can also be smoked and is frequently added to herbal smoking blends. When smoked, it has a calming affect without producing a “high” feeling.

Also called: Holy Weed, Mountain Balm, Consumptive’s Weed, Gum Bush, Bear’s Weed, Sacred Herb, Sacred Weed.

Warning:  When using Yerba Santa leaves for smudging, it is a Fire ceremony and the potential for fire damage and burns is real. Children should not perform this ceremony. The smoke from the herbs can set off your fire alarm system. Never leave a burning smudge stick or loose herbs unattended.



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