Smudge Bowl, Abalone Shell

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  • Can be used for the burning of herbs
  • Use to hold jewelry or loose change
  • Each shell is approx. 5 – 6 inches long
  • Each shell is unique


For more information on smudging CLICK HERE


These beautiful abalone shells make fabulous containers for burning loose herbs and/or resins. They are approx. 5-6 inches wide. Great for keeping your smudge bundles in whether the stick is lit or not.

Abalone shells are also very helpful in quieting emotional strife and aid with tranquility.

Each shell is very unique, this is merely a representation of what you will receive.

It will not have the exact markings as the one pictured.

1 review for Smudge Bowl, Abalone Shell

  1. Gabby (verified owner)

    Beautiful shell and great size – its beautiful to display as well and opens conversations to those new to smudging. Great gift idea too!!!

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