Crystal Grid Starter Kit, Stress & Anxiety


This crystal grid starter kit includes:

  • One master stone (also called the focus stone)
  • Four supportive stones
  • One selenite wand
  • One velvet bag to store your stones
  • Informational booklet


The crystals in our starter kits were put together for one single intention. When making crystal grids, pick one focus for your grid. Then pick the stones for that one purpose. Having stones with similar energetic attributes will increase the energy of your grid.

This Stress & Anxiety kit includes:

  • One Amethyst, used as the master stone (or main focus stone)
  • Two Moonstones stones used as supportive stones
  • Two Howlite stones used as supportive stones
  • One selenite wand used to activate the grid
  • Informational booklet with stone descriptions and other great information

Crystal grid plates sold separately. When choosing a plate, pick a design that resonates with you. Any intention can be placed on any design.


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