Gemstone Sphere Holder, Moon Phases


  • 2 and 3 inch sizes available
  • No paint, stain, or clear finish used on wood
  • 3 inch holders will hold spheres up to 6 inches diameter
  • 6 different designs to choose from




These wooden sphere holders are a beautiful way to display your gemstone spheres or eggs and to keep them from rolling away.

For centuries, the moon has had an aura of mystery and magic. It’s energies are said to have an effect on animals, crops and plants, and our bodies. Many cultures held ceremonies at different moon phases. The new moon is a great time to begin a new project or set a new intention. The energy of a Full moon will amplify emotions, feelings, mental processes and dreams.

Our sphere holders are made with 6 different designs to choose from.

They are available in 2 and 3 inch sizes. The wood is 3/16 of an inch thick. They are engraved on Maple laminate wood. No paint, stain or clear finish is used on these sphere holders.
Due to the uniqueness of wood grains, you will receive a representation of what is shown.


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