Lenormand Coin Discs



  • Please choose from the 2 different designs on the back of the discs
  • All discs are hand sanded and coated with wood oil
  • You will receive a total of 37 discs (the standard 36 symbols with and extra “Bird” disc)
  • Each disc measure 1.25 inches in diameter
  • All discs are sent in a black bag big enough to place your hand inside.
  • Each set is sent with a Selenite palm stone
  • You will receive a representation of the sets shown
  • Due to different wood textures and grain patterns, each set will be unique


The Lenormand cartomancy system began in the 1800’s and are named after a French fortune-teller named Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand. Upon her death, all her occult paraphernalia was burned by her devout Catholic nephew. Because of this, it is only speculation which images and symbols she used for her very accurate predictions. There were many decks in use at that time. One such deck was a card game called The Game of Hope. The game was released using her name for promotional purposes. Today many of the cards and meanings remain the same.  

Our decks are handmade of maple wood discs with the symbols engraved on them. Each disc is 1.25 inches in diameter, hand sanded and oiled. There are the standard 36 images with and extra “12 Birds” disc. All discs are sent to you in a bag big enough to put your hand inside to “shuffle” the discs. Included is an information sheet with information on the Lenormand system and the disc meanings. Also included is a Selenite cleansing palm stone to keep your discs cleansed, charged, and ready for your next reading. It is our hope you enjoy these discs as much as we enjoyed making them. 


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