Incense Holder, Brownheart Wood, Curved design


  • Incense holder made of Brownheart wood
  • You will receive this actual holder
  • No paint or stain used on wood
  • Deep, wide channels to catch all the ashes
  • Hold incense sticks up to 14 inches
  • Each one is unique and one of a kind



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Are you tired of ashes getting all over your furniture? Do you want an incense holder that just simply….works?

We created these simple but elegant incense holders with a deep, wide channel so you can burn several sticks of incense before having to empty the ashes. Each one is crafted by hand with intention. Not one will ever be exactly the same as another. The grains and colors of the various woods are all unique. We did not use any paint or stain on these holders. The colors are all natural wood.  We coat all our holders with clear urethane to protect the wood. This ash catcher will hold incense sticks as long as 14 inches.

This incense holder is made of Brownheart Wood with a Gloss finish.

Our Smart Ash Holders will always hold plenty of your ashes. Plus, the ash will not roll off the holder as you’re walking to empty it.
Thank you for looking and if you would like to visit us in person, please check  our events page to view our show schedule.


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