Smudge Bowl, Brown Clay, Handmade


  • Can be used for the burning of herbs
  • Can be used to hold jewelry or loose change
  • Also available in black color
  • Each bowl is unique


For more information on smudging CLICK HERE


This beautifuly handmade brown clay smudging bowl is a fabulous container for burning loose herbs and/or resins. It is approx. 6 1/4 inches in diameter.  Use it to hold your smudging bundles whether it is lit or not.

Here at Smart Ash Holder we are concerned with the increased risk of the Abalone becoming extinct. At present, the Abalones are being over farmed and the practice has become unsustainable. We have begun transitioning to only selling earthen ware smudging bowl containers for this very reason.

Because each bowl is handmade it will be unique, this is merely a representation of what you will receive.

It will not have the exact markings as the one pictured.


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