Smudging Feather Fan, Gray Turkey Feathers, Quartz Crystal, #G5


  • 4 turkey feathers with pheasant accent feathers
  • Feathers have been cleansed
  • Feather is approx. 9 inches long
  • Handle wrapped in brown leather
  • Handle is 5 inches long
  • Clear quartz crystal is secured with copper wiring
  • Great for smudging or healings

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Handmade Smudging Feather fan with a Leather handle. #G5

The highlight feather is pheasant feathers done in Native American Style.
This one was made with 4 Wild Turkey Feathers wrapped in the leather handle is a quartz crystal using copper wire.
This aids in the energetic flow of the users intent.

All feathers have been cleansed.
The Smudge feather from the leather wrap is Approx 9″ in length.
Handle is 5″ long.

A feather from a turkey symbolizes abundance, pride
and fertility.

You will receive the Smudging Feather featured here.



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